An interactive map can show routes between markers

A route is a line drawn on a map through a set of hotspot markers in a connect-the-dots fashion. Routes show a path from one location to another. You can display multiple routes and define the appearance of the routes You can display routes when users mouse or tour a hotspot, or show or hide routes dynamically with the JavaScript API.

The lightbulb diagram below draws short routes having only one or two segments, and one route with five segments. To see a route, mouse over or touch a numbered circle, or choose from the directory. Also try zooming in to see more detail.

Routes used on an interactive diagram of a light bulb

The Art Institute of Chicago used MapsAlive to show routes from kiosks in the museum to points of interest on four different floors. If you are interested in using routes for a complex project like this, contact us for suggestions about how to get started.

Click a location in the directory to draw a route from the “You are here” marker to that location.