Learn how to use MapsAlive

Watch these how-to videos and get started creating interactive maps for your website today.

How-to video shows how to create your first interactive map

Create your first interactive map

Learn how to create a simple interactive map in less than 2 minutes. See how the MapsAlive Tour Builder works – upload a map image, add hotspots and markers, and preview your map.

Importing photos from a zip file

Create multiple hotspots and upload hotspot images in one step instead of adding them one at a time. The MapsAlive Import feature saves time by letting you quickly import photos from a zip file.

Adding shape markers to a map

This video shows how to create a new shape marker and hotspot at the same time using the MapsAlive Map Editor.

Creating hotspots in the Map Editor

The MapsAlive Map Editor lets you quickly add hotspots and place markers on any map image. Add hotspot content and preview your tour at any time. Publish your tour to share it with others.