MapZoom lets you zoom into a map image to see more detail

The MapZoom feature lets you zoom in on a map image to see more detail or to zoom out to see more of the map. MapsAlive automatically makes a map zoomable when the entire map image cannot be displayed at its full width and height. This feature makes it easy to view large map images even on small devices.

Try zooming the map below with one of the following:

  • Zoom controls (+ / -)
  • Mouse scroll wheel
  • Pinch gesture
An example of a zoomable map of Bar Harbor, Maine.

Fun fact: Bar Harbor, Maine is home to the Jackson Lab, a biomedical research institution founded in 1929.

Zoomable Map Panning

You can quickly pan a zoomable map by click-dragging or touch-dragging the map inset, a small navigation rectangle that shows the visible portion of the full-size map image. The inset contains a semi-transparent overlay showing the visible portion of the map. When the map is zoomed all the way out, the overlay fills the inset. When the map is zoomed in any amount, the overlay is smaller than the inset.

In the zoomable map above, the inset is located in the lower-right corner of the map and the overlay color is red. Zoom and pan the map to see how the overlay changes to reflect the portion of the map that is visible.

Zoomable Markers

You can control whether a marker zooms (scales up or down) as the map zooms in and out so that the relative size of a marker remains constant with respect to the scale of the map image. You can also set a marker’s zoom visibility threshold to control whether a marker is visible or hidden above or below a certain zoom level. The zoomable map above demonstrates this feature. When the map is zoomed out, the markers are red flags that display tooltips when moused over. When the map is zoomed in, the flags are replaced by brown circle markers which display a popup.