Text transcript:

Importing hotspot photos from a zip file lets you create multiple hotspots and upload images in one step instead of adding them one at a time.

To get started we’ve already created a new tour and uploaded a map image as explained in the Create your first interactive map video. Here we’re going to use a floor plan image for the map.

To import hotspot photos, choose Photos from Zip from the Import menu.  

Before importing, choose a marker that will be used to indicate the location on the map where the photos were taken.

Let’s use this large arrow marker.

Next, choose a zip file containing the photos you want to use for your hotspots and press Import.

MapsAlive created hotspots for each photo in the zip file, using the file names as the hotspot titles. To place the hotspots on the floor plan, click the Map Editor icon.

You can choose a hotspot from the dropdown list above the map or click a hotspot thumbnail below the map. When you chose a hotspot, its marker drops onto the map.

Drag the marker into position and rotate it using the controls below the map.

We’ll repeat these steps for the rest of the hotspots, speeding up the video for this part.

Now that we’ve added all the hotspots, let’s see how it works by clicking the Tour Preview button.

When you mouse over the markers the photos and hotspot titles display in popup panels.

Importing photos from a zip file is a fast and easy way to create your interactive maps!